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    40V Lithium battery cleaner


    40V lithium battery
    Energy-saving auto stop function
    Convenient use in any place
    Fast and easy assembly
    Water suction
    Water tank 20l

    Standard Accessories:

    This high-pressure electric power washer is intended for residential use to clean vehicles, machines, buildings, facades, etc.

    Technical Parameters:

    Battery Voltage* 40 V D.C. Max. Rated Flow 0.79 GPM
    Battery Capacity 4.0 Ah Max. Flow 1 GPM
    Charging Time 1.5 hours Max.Water Inlet Temperature 104/40
    Battery Run Time 30 mins Bucket Capacity 5.3 gal (20 l)
    Motor Brushless Weight (unit + battery + charger) 20.9 lbs(9.5kg)
    Working Pressure 50bar Weight (unit + battery) 19.4 lbs(8.8kg)
    Max. pressure 80bar Dimension 53.5x37.5x47.5cm

    Standard Accessories:

    Spray gun with normal nozzle, 5m high pressure hose,
    5m power cable with plug, water inlet connector,
    detergent bottle,nozzle cleaning pin with the instruction manual.
    40V battery with quick charger 
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